Software Services

Managed IT Services – A more cost effective way to manage your IT Department.

Our Software Team

Our team is dedicated to providing clients with a competitive advantage through the delivery of excellent IT services. In order to maintain this objective, we need to ascertain our client’s IT requirements, their environment, security and business needs.

Depending on the specific requirements, Link-Up Communications will engage our technical team to provide the necessary technical audits, evaluations, benchmarks and advice to design a product map.

Solutions Offered

  • Fraud Detection and prevention systems

  • Monitoring and evaluation solutions

  • Change and communication management

  • Project management

Network and Storage Services

  • On site network support

  • Network Infrastructure Design

  • Network Implementation

  • Storage Solutions

  • Servers and Virtualization

  • Backup and Distaster recovery

  • WAN hosting and management

  • ISP services

IT Security Services

  • IT Security Assessments

  • IT Security Lifecycle Management Services

  • Intrusion Detection Solutions

  • Network Security

  • Security Policy

  • Risk Management

  • Contingency Planning

  • Incident Handling

  • Firewalls

  • Surveillance Services

Web Design and Software Development

  • Equipped with Internal MOH, External MOH, Paging, and Contact

  • SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based Business Solutions

  • Supports inter-working with solutions such as the IP contact center, groupware, video conference call, etc.

  • Provides the OpenAPI to allow interworking with third party solutions, facilitating the customer’s business.

User-friendly Terminal line-up

Supports IP phone, video phone, SIP phone, softphone, 3G dual phone, Wi-Fi phone, digital phone, and analog phone

Various Application Solutions

Inter-working with various application solutions such as voice mail solutions with a built-in board, integrated fax server, integrated digital voice recording system etc

Unified Web Management

  • Exports and imports databases

  • Provides the Export function that exports the databases of a telephone, Voice Mail, and Auto Attendant stored in a system into a client PC via the web

  • Provides the Import function that imports the databases of a telephone, Voice Mail and Auto Attendant from a client PC via the web

  • The Package Upload function uploads a system package via the Web

  • Telephone setting functions

  • Voice Mail/Auto Attendant setting function

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