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Not all businesses have the same requirements, budgets and framework. And when it comes to SA’s Internet Service Providers, it’s not all comparing apples with apples either.

Link-Up Communications recognises this and has carefully selected our partners in order to meet our clients’ specific needs.

We focused on 5 key factors when selecting our ISP Partners, based on 10 years of experience with almost every provider in the country.

  1. Back-end technology and solution offering
  2. Pricing structures for various products
  3. Coverage
  4. Uptime and reliability
  5. Service response and ease of communication

With the above in mind, we realised that no Service Provider meets every requirement at once and that’s where Link-Up Communications steps in and fills in the gaps where needed.

With our own dedicated helpdesk and IT services team, we are able to quickly identify the problem and create detailed tickets allowing for quicker resolution. In many cases, we often resolve the problem before the need to notify the provider.

With Link-Up by your side, you can be ensured of the best solution for your business with no additional cost.


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