Link-Up connects your business for better results

Link-Up connects your business for better results

Where Link-Up ICT and Communications Began

Established in 2007, Link-Up ICT provides managed IT services with superior technology solutions. Our main objective is to bring enterprise-grade IT solutions to businesses of any size, to ensure a smoother path to business success for all our clients.





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A Fact About Us? We’re Awesome!

Our services are flexible and scalable and can accommodate the requirements of SMMEs and Enterprise organisations alike. We integrate our solutions with your business so that the outsourced portions of your IT services don’t get in the way of your day-to-day operations.

How Link-Up Works

Your business IT strategy, management, and components in one managed solution

We facilitate change management, engaging all stakeholders to ensure you have the correct technology mix to transition and support existing processes

We deliver value in time, productivity, and efficiency to improve shareholder confidence in your business

We work within your budget and consult with your CFO to ensure your ROI

Link-Up ICT can be your CIO, or Provide Advisory Services to your CIO

We work within your budget and consult with your CFO to ensure your ROI

See our Solutions

Our Process

Feasibility studies & understanding your business: We begin by gathering data and to gain a full view of the business, so that we can ascertain your core business functions and how they relate to your non-core processes.

Identify Focus Areas: We analyse your processes and report on areas of potential cost savings and efficiency improvements. We then consolidate this data to provide a complete view of your environment and associated costs.

We implement our solutions and manage the transition to Link-Up’s services with a future-proof road-map.  Our future-forward philosophy and project management professionalism help our engineers to implement seamless, integrated solutions with minimal disruption.

In our management initiation, we move you to “Business as Usual”: Once you’ve appointed Link-Up, our managed services allow you to continue your day-to-day operations with a more efficient resolution of problems through constant management and monitoring.

Service Improvement: In a constantly evolving world, we are continuously optimising our own technological prowess, speed, and customer service to allow you to outperform your rivals.

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Our Expertise

CSI & Initiatives

Our aim to grow South Africa does not end with our paying customers. We ensure that our business activities are carried out with full transparency based on a universal set of ethics. As committed corporate citizens, Link-up Communications supports several initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

which addresses the company’s overall response to economic, social and environmental considerations

Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

which, in addition to its regular business activities, addresses the company’s contribution to the community with a view to uplifting South African society as a whole

The Cartridge Collection Program

Through the cartridge collection programme, Carbon Footprint Africa collects cartridges from over 100 informal cartridge brokers, allowing for the cartridge brokers to earn a living.

Most of these cartridge brokers are previously disadvantaged individuals. A commodity that was once thrown away and destined for landfill is now helping these individuals earn a living through the collection and recycling of these cartridges.

Further jobs are created in inspecting, sorting, and packing cartridges. A cartridge thrown away denies us this opportunity, and we ensure we contribute as much as is possible to help boost the earnings of these enterprising recyclers.

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